Ascend very selectively invests in rapidly growing, young businesses.  Our investments typically range from $10,000 – $250,000. Companies usually have the following characteristics:

  • Nearly complete leadership team
  • Entrepreneurs with relevant experience
  • Revenue-generating
  • Market differentiation
  • Additional investor participation


Ascend advises companies at various stages of growth.  Our focus is on periods of inflection (e.g. start-ups, major expansions, turnarounds, etc.).  We focus on the following areas:

  • Strategy (internal and external)
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Leadership
  • Human Capital Development
  • Operational Efficiency


Ascend partners with passionate, committed entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. Our approach involves taking active management roles, investing our time and, in some cases, our capital to align our interests with those of our partners.  The functions we perform include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Human Capital