Ascend’s approach to investing is one of partnership. While we are active investors, taking board seats in virtually all of our investments and leading most of our transactions, we recognize that it is the management team that effectuates a company’s strategy and that is primarily responsible for its reaching its goals. We seek to be guides for the climb, providing the tools, knowledge and resources which are necessary to scale an enterprise.

Partnering and What It Means
As a partner, Ascend works to ensure that all parties are aligned and that each understands their respective roles. Once an investment is made, Ascend views itself as a part of the value creation team. To that end, we seek to participate in the decision making for the enterprise and to assume shared responsibility for the outcomes. We are tied to the success and failure of those that we back.

Dedication of Ascend’s Full Network of Relationships
Ascend brings a wide and diverse network to bear when working with companies. Entrepreneurs and managers that have value creation and enterprise building experience, service providers who have provided guidance along the way, a network of institutional investor relationships and deep ties to the highest echelons of the financial community are but a few of the resources at Ascend’s disposal.

Highly Sophisticated Financial Advice
Ultimately, value creation and realization are financial exercises. Designing the path to the top requires not only an understanding of an industry, product or service but also an understanding of financial forecasting, expectation management, strategic partnering and paths to liquidity. Often entrepreneurial teams are well steeped in their respective arena. Ascend seeks to augment this expertise with its strong financial and strategic expertise. With more than 60 years of collective world-class finance experience, our team has the knowledge required to assist companies with a wide range of financial and strategic issues.

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